Be there & be drunk!

by Ceili Moss

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The first proper album, with extra tracks from the 1998 & 1999 demos


released April 15, 2001




Ceili Moss Namur, Belgium

Red hot pan-European folk-rock. That’s how you might describe us in a few words. G.Williams (Widdershins) said it best: "They're not as punk as The Pogues, but they have a bit of that attitude and it gives them an edge many groups lack".

Original songs, mistreated traditionals, we take it all, put it in our cauldron and whoever says it's not "orthodox" or "as it should be" gets a smack bottom
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Track Name: Sweet thing
When I first met you, I was nothing, not at all
Then you came and everything turned into a pretty dream
For you did what you had to, you did all that I expected
What was wrong, you put right, what was dirt, you did it clean, oh my angel

When you came to me, you said this house is a mess
You cleaned the whole thing, I have to say I was impressed
I thought you had such a talent for cleaning and keeping tidy
I married you and made you a housewife 'cos that was what you were meant to be

Now I'd cut the moon right into seventy pieces
To prove my love to you, just to get you back again
I've been such a silly jerk, I will never do it again
I promise I'll be good and treat you like the princess that you are

When I met you, I was nothing at all
But now you've left me 'cos I didnt treat you well
It's such a shame I did never realise
how much you meant to me and how bad I've been treating you, my dear

"Pack your things and leave
Don't want you here
Don't want you near so hit the road
And get the hell away
I've had enough
Of your sick ways"

Now you're coming back and we're all happy again
We'll throw a big party, we'll invite all of our friends
We'll have lots of fun tonight, but before, there's work to do
So get back to that kitchen, do these dishes 'til you die of exhaustion!
Track Name: Rodney's glory
On the day that I die, I will surely go to Hell
For I drank a lot of pints and loved a lot of women
But whatever may happen, I won't bow down in shame
Won't wipe the smile off my face

On the day that I die, I will surely fall apart
For each time I gave myself, I did it with a true heart
And if you think I was silly to burn my life away
It was mine to ruin anyway

ref.: Oh, come to me in the middle of the night
Come to me and make it alright
Come to me, I can't make it all alone
Come to me, let's make it our own
For if we give up our pride
Sure we will fail
Go, go, go beyond the pale

And the day that I go there to meet the one I'm from
I will tell him a few things that will surely make Him frown
And if He throws me in the lake, saying "son, you're doomed"
He'll still be the one to feel the gloom

On the day that I die, I'll have only one regret
For there might be some things that I'll haven't tried yet
But if regret is a tree, its leaves are burning red
It won't last long 'til it's dried dead


On the day that I die, I will surely see you there
All my friends and all my foes, they all will play the snare
And whatever comes next, it might only be good
As long as there's music and a little booze

On this last day of mine, I don't want to see you cry
I don't want to hear you mourn or despair or sigh
For nothing bad can happen as long as I have faith
As long as I don't give up my strength

Track Name: Iona
All my days were sad until morn'
All my days were nights until dawn
Dawn you brought with your starry eyes
Dawn you brought, it did burn my heart

ref. And I don't know how much more I can bleed
What is wrong, well, I will be this
And if I knew, what else could I be?
What is strong, well, I will not be

All my days, I'll go with where
Your feet would go, I really don't care
And if you were to trip up sometimes
I would be right there with arms open wide


I'm all alone

All my days were just by mistake
You picked me when I was about to break
And held me up as if you were there
Created by God and designed to care

All my days were sad until morn'
All my days were nights until dawn
Dawn you brought with you starry eyes
Hair of brown and heart open wide

And I don't know how much I can give
What is wrong, well, I won't be this
And if I knew, then what else could i be?
What is strong, well, I'll try to be

I'm not alone...
Track Name: Black smoke
One day, you came and told us of a threat to the fatherland
You said the enemy was strong and said that you needed all hands
I never heard of anything that sounded like what you mean
So I don't understand at all the reasons why I'd go fighting

But just give me a gun
And I'll get you done
You, lined up against a wall
Just a press on a button
And all of your problems
Would be solved for ever more

Just let me tell you I'm not gonna fight for your bullshit plans
I never understood how guns could resolve a simple problem
I say it's you, not me, who wants the cake from the ones in front
So go and get it by yourself, don't expect no action-station

Get your hands on a gun
And solve all your problems
And do it like men ought to
Stare them right in the eyes
And when you do fire
I hope it feels good for you

So today is the day I depart to the frontline
With all my friends gathered around, all ready to fight
We take a train to where blood has to be spilled
Many won't be back but, hey, they gave us cool pills

Proud of my country, proud of my colours, proud of my flag and proud of my ancestors

We fight them on the beaches, on the ground, in the air
We live in explosions lights, in mud, sweat and flare
I don't think we are cowards, but there's one answer missing:
Who will be next to meet his maker and not the next morning?

Blood on my country, blood on my colours, blood on my flag and blood on my ancestors

A year has passed and brought many friends to the crow king
But when you see the land we gained, it amounts to nothing
We shoot, then run for shelter, then stand and shoot again
It seems we killed the whole of'em, but never see the end

Shame on my country, shame on my colours, shame on my flag and shame on my ancestors

'Til one day, I got shot and I fell in the reeking mud
A shiny medal on my chest was the price you paid for my blood
You said duty was there in the path you showed to us, little chimps
Who were fucked up like I have been by a land that's just a pimp

But whatever fool I am
You don't give a damn
You are sleeping safe and sound
Sure enough of your right
To send us to die
For a worthless piece of ground
Track Name: Back in the house
It's so nice to see you again
See you again in that pretty blue gown
It's so nice to feel you again
To hear the voice that was so well known

ref. Oh, what a feeling
Waiting for her 'til she's coming
Believing in her and she believes in you
And you know that it's true
And you know it's for real

I've been sad in too many ways
Now is the time to rejoice and to smile
I found out that most of your days
It is mainly up to you to decide


I know that my story's not new
In fact, it is such a damn common thing
I am pretty sorry if you
Find it annoying, but I can't help singing

All my life, I'll live to tell
All the stories I know well
Of life, love, friendships and beers
Of liberty, joys and sometimes of tears

And you know that it's true and you know it's for real
And you know how it feels to be inside a heart
Tell me, my love, are you still in the mood
You were in when I left and threw us in the gloom?


I claim in front of the world and the stars
That I will always be faithful and not denied
Tell me my love, are you ready to have
A lover by your side who will keep you safe?

Track Name: As far as the eye can see
As I went out to see my old love one more time, I thought again
Of all the times we had to talk about our deeds, but we failed
I've given most of my time to a job and to mundanities
And now, it's late, I fear, I'm slowly decaying by degrees

ref. And according to what I see, there is no sense
There is not much to say, there is no evidence
That life ain't no wasteland of broken down dreams
As far as the eye can see
We had such high hopes and we had money to spend
There was a world to gain, just there around the bend
There were fields of gold, valleys of milk and honey
As far as the eye can see

So day by day, our blood, our bones, our strength, our belief, our faith in God
Gets slowly deconstructed, eroded, and turns into mud
It's not that we decide to give up faith and courage all the way
It's just that points of view get blurred a little more day by day


Think about all those who died for no reason
Would you still say it's a wonderful life?
If there is one thing to say about mankind
There is nothing kind about man
Oh Lord, protect from those who bark your name
They're the most likely to kill me someday
I don't believe you go to Heaven when you're good
Everything goes to Hell anyway


So now I guess i'd better remain silent, I'm gone anyway
But please beware of your dreams, they will make your hair turn to grey
Track Name: Wind & rain (live)
The starry night is rising as I roam along the evergreen
The moon is high, shining through the branches of the willow tree
The wind is low and whistling on the moors, the forests and the sea
The night is young and calling for the blood to come to its abode

Will you come over and give me your hand
Will you come over and try to understand
Will you come as I saw you in my dream
Will you come, you're expected under the moonbeams

Oh, come with me, my precious, my darling, my enlightened one
No sanctuary is needed, let's take the first place that comes along
The blood is hot, it's boiling as we feel the heat of night arise
The soul is open wide, ready to release its inner light

Will you come...

So come, join me after all is said and done
Time is short and life is but a shorter slice of time
We're so young, would be a shame not to use what we have got
So take a deep breath, then go...
Track Name: The next time (live)
It's not such a long time since you're gone
Since you have left me all alone
I thought I would never recover
Well, I was wrong

ref. Next time, I won't be fooled
Next time, I want it to be cool

Now I'm raising hedgehogs in my garden
To prevent you from approaching
And when I think of my own future, i just sing


There was a time my brain was crammed
With thoughts, but one day, it went jammed
It looked like a colony of termites
'T was okay for a while but...


You made my heart claustrophobiac
But what makes me sad is the fact that
The next innocent girl who'll come my way
Because of you, she'll have to pay